Holiday Cheer at Raphael House


Raphael House is an organization founded in 1971 that helps at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence.

As families trickled in for the start of the program, Matt showed a young girl how to strum his viola strings. Elizabeth sat with another girl, side by side at the upright piano, creating an impromptu duet, even choreographing an ending where their hands rose up together off the keys. The quartet began with a series of holiday tunes encouraging a sing along. One surprise came in the form of Mi Burrito Sabanero for one of the ladies [she had asked at ESF’s previous visit for “Spanish songs”]. She and her entire family boisterously sang along to the music. After playing the slow movement of Schumann’s Piano Quartet, a mother with an infant in her arms said, “When you started playing, it was so beautiful it made me want to cry.” The families were invited to sign up for complimentary tickets to ESF’s season finale at Herbst Theatre April 16th. One mother excitedly shared, “That’s a few days before my son's birthday! That will be a nice way for us to celebrate.” The rousing finish was Jonah’s brand new Earth Wind and Fire arrangement of In the Stone, created for the audience at Raphael House. The holiday spirit was bright tonight and we wish the same for each of you during these final days of 2018!