Outreach at Juvenile Hall

During the 2014-15 season, ESF performed regularly for the youth at the Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall.

Fall of 2015 Rebecca and Moni joined violist Tiffany Richardson and cellist Frederic Rosselet in part of Sound Impact‘s Project Imagine, a residency at the Santa Cruz Juvenile Hall. “There’s something in music,” said Jackson, “that, hearing it up close and personal as opposed to something on a recording, that I have to believe is engaging them in a deeper way. As for us, you go in. You’re locked in, and you realize that you don’t know what they’ve done (to get in here). They’re just kids and they’re locked in here. That’s heartbreaking. And then you play this music that you love, it does stir up a lot of emotions…” To read more about this special experience, check out the full article in the Santa Cruz Sentinal, The Sound Inside.

In the past season, musicians of ESF performed at the Juvenile Hall:

  • 2014 – December
  • 2015 – April, May, September, October and November